A Palestinian flag that says "Ceasefire Now." in the midde

Fossil Free California Statement of Support for a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza

Fossil Free California condemns the genocide now taking place in Gaza. While we strongly condemn Hamas’ attack on Israeli citizens on October 7, no attack, however brutal, can justify the mass slaughter of Palestinian civilians that has followed. For the past five months, we have watched in horror as Israel bombs and starves the over 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza, an area of land smaller than the city of San Jose – killing over 30,000 people while poisoning the water and filling the land with toxic chemicals. We call on President Joe Biden and Congress to push for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza. 

We recognize the atrocities being committed by Israel are not dissimilar to the genocides happening across the world in places like Sudan, Azerbaijan, Yemen, and the Congo; by standing in solidarity with Palestinians for a ceasefire, we are also standing in solidarity with oppressed peoples throughout the world who have historically been subjected to the evils of violent and imperialist aggression. At the same time, we condemn any hate crimes and hate speech against Muslims and Jews. 

In issuing this call, we are joining labor unions, community organizations, 79 Congressmembers, the United Nations, and others who are calling for an immediate ceasefire.

  • The basic rights of people must be restored. Water, fuel, food, and other humanitarian aid must be allowed into Gaza, power must be restored, and foreign nationals and Palestinians requiring medical care must be allowed out of Gaza.
  • The hostages taken by Hamas and Israel must be immediately released. Both Hamas and Israel must adhere to standards of international law and Geneva Convention rules of warfare concerning the welfare and security of civilians.
  • There must be a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
  • The U.S. must act. We call on President Biden to:
    • Immediately call for a permanent ceasefire, 
    • Stop funding the Israeli military’s genocide of Palestinians, and 
    • Continue funding humanitarian support for Palestinians

We all want a place to call home and for our children to be safe. All people deserve to live free from the effects of violence, war and militarization. 

As a climate justice organization, we raise attention to the many excruciating examples of climate and environmental injustice that Palestinians have been going through during the past 5 months: 

  • Cutting food, water, and electricity to over 2 million people leading to starvation, dehydration, and disease. 
  • Dropping over 65,000 tons of explosives, including white phosphorous bombs that burn through people’s skin.
  • Poisoning the water, air, and land with toxic chemicals from detonated explosives. 
  • Chevron is profiteering from its relationship with Israel. Money from their gas fields off the coast of Gaza helps fund Israel’s genocide of Gazans, while Israel denies energy, water, and fishing rights to the Palestinians. 

We stand in solidarity with Palestinians by supporting a boycott of Chevron. We condemn Chevron both for its environmental injustice in the US and globally, and also for its profiteering from the Israeli state’s occupation and control of Palestinian resources.

Thousands of Americans have joined the groundswell of global solidarity demanding a ceasefire now. It’s our turn to make our voices heard and demand a ceasefire.

What is the purpose of FFCA’s statement in support of a ceasefire?

  • Serve as a unifying statement for FFCA members around a ceasefire
  • Empower FFCA staff and volunteers to attend events for a ceasefire in the name of Fossil Free California
  • Educate ourselves and our allies about the relationship between a ceasefire and climate justice
  • Create guidance for messaging regarding a calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

CREDIT: This statement was adapted from the National Labor for a Ceasefire statement and Climate Justice means a Free Palestine Talking Points published by Asian Pacific Environmental Network